I’m Jeff Murchison.

I like to call myself a creative technologist because I love combining creative ideas with technology.

My love of technology and my creative background as a motion graphics artist has allowed me to work on lots of interesting projects that I’m proud to have been a part of. They’ve ranged from relatively simple LED projects on perfboard to custom designed, hand-routed printed circuit boards (PCBs).

For over a decade now, embedded electronics have been big hobby and passion of mine. Although they’re just one way that I express my creativity, the growth and innovation of the maker community during that time has made it one of the most accessible ways for me to create using technology

Low-cost microcontrollers like the AVRs used in the Arduino platform or Espressif’s ESP32 and ESP8266 have helped me learn, experiment, and transform my creative ideas into reality. Open source tools have further allowed me to grow my skills and further my knowledge about electronics, programming, and computer science. 

I’m always thinking about my next project. If you’ve got one that you need a hand with then shoot me a message. Even if I can’t help out, I might be able to point you in the right direction!